Teerthankar Rishabh Dev Tapasthali, Prayag (U.P.)

Name :
Teerthankar Rishabh Deo Tapasthali, Prayag (U.P.)
Is a Kalyanak Kshetra.
Address :
Teerthankar Rishabh Deo Tapasthali,
Near Andava, Allahabad Banaras Highway, District Allahabad (U.P.) Pin-221505
Phone 0532-2567067, 3205690.
Managing Committee :
Shri Rishabh Dev Deeksha-Teerth Digamber Jain Samiti
Allahabad Banaras Highway,
Post- Prayag -Allahabad (U.P.)
Phone 0532- 2567067, 3205690.
Chair Person :
Br. Ravindra Kumar Jaina
Shri Digambar Jain Trilok Shodh Samsthan, Jamboo-Dweep,
Post – Hastinapur, District Merut (U.P.)
Phone-01233-280184, 280236
Secretary :
Shri Ajit Prasad Jaina
5, Gosai Tola, behind Visambhar Cinema,
Allahabad, (U.P.). Mobile —09415367215
Nearby City :
Banaras 110 K.M.(By Road), 110 K.M. ( By Train)
Allahabad 15 K.M.
About Tapasthali, Prayag :

Among the jain teerth kshetras of India, parallel to immortal teerth Shri Sammed Shikharji & Shri Ayodhyaji, Shri Prayag Teerth has also an important place. Prayag was the place of accepting penance (Deeksha Sthali) by first Teerthankar Bhagwan Rishabh Deo. Famous jain texts Harivamsh Puran & Padm-Puran declares Prayag as Rishabh Deo’s deeksha sthal. At present the city is famous as Allahabad in the world as the city of Maha-Kumbh.
Credit for popularizing this kshetra in 21st century goes to Poojya Aaryika Gyan-Mati Mataji. Due to her motivation this kshetra was developed by Shri Dig. Jain Trilok Shodh Samsthan, Jamboo-Dweep, Post – Hastinapur, Dist. Merut (U.P.) in year 2000-01.
Above Samsthan (organization) organized ‘Bhagwan Rishabh Deo Anter-rashtreeya (International) Nirvan Mahotsava’ from the day 4th Feb. 2000 in Delhi , inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai and that was ended on the day 8th Feb. 2001 by completing the construction of this Tapasthali Teerth. In Feb. 2001, International Panch Kalyanak Mahotsava was organized in presence of so many celebrities, leaders and various saints / monks.

Temples & Idols :

(1). Bhagwan Rishabh Deo Deeksha Kalyanak Tapovan – In the first temple of premisses, under the banyan tree of 15 ft. height made of metal, an idol of Muni Rishabh Deo in standing posture is installed with Pichhi & Kamandalu, which is demonstrating the history of first Deeksha in the beginning of Karm-Yug (the era of work culture).

(2). Keval Gyan Kalyanak Samavsaran Mandir – This is supposed that Poorva-Tal Pur of Prayag is PuramTal Pur of ancient time. In the garden of Puram Tal Pur Bhagwan Rishabh Deo attained omniscience (Keval gyan). To demonstrate that historical event, on the other side of premises, a Samavsaran is created in a temple- designed as lotus.

(3). Kailash Parvat—In the centre of Tapasthali premises, this artistic creation is present. Bhagvan Rishabh Deo attained salvation from Kailash Parvat. To demonstrate that great event, a hilly construction is designed in size of 108 x 72 x 50 ft. On the top of this artistic hill, a beautiful idol of Bhagvan Rishabh Deo in sitting posture is installed, which is red in color and 14 ft in height. This magnificent idol is visible to devotees from a far distance.
On this Kailash Parvat, 72 artistic temples of Trikal Chaubeesee (24 Teerthankar of each – present, past & future thus 24* 3 = 72) are also present, visible and attracting to devotees.

(4). Cave Temple — Under the Kailash Parvata cave temple of size 50 x 50 feet has been constructed, in which Bhagvan Rishabh Deo’s magnificent idol of 3.25 ft. size made of metal in sitting posture is installed. This place offers a chance to devotees to pray, to worship, meditation & other spiritual activities in a peaceful environment.

(5). Bhagvan Rishabh Deo Keerti-Stambh (Column of Dignity) – In the front of Samavsharan Temple & in one side of Kailash Parvat, a magnificent Keerti Stambh made by solid stone, 31 ft. in height, is present. On the top of this Stambh 4 idols of Bhagvan Rishabh Dev in sitting posture, one in each direction are placed. In the middle of this Stambh Bhagvan Mahaveer’s four idols in sitting posture (one ft. in size) are placed, one in each direction.
On this artistic Keerti Stambh (Column of Dignity), Bhagvan Rishabh Deo’s life story & basic principles of Jainism are carved in an artistic manner.

Natural Scenario :
The entire premises present an eye catching scene because of green lawns, flower plants, artificial waterfalls & fountains.
Annual Gatherings
Chaitra Krishna Navami (9) – Bhagvan Rishabh Deo’s Deeksha Kalyanak
Vaishakh Shukla Triteeya (3) – Akshaya Triteeya
Magh Krishna Chaturdeshi (14) – Bhagvan Rishabh Deo’s Nirvan Kalyanak
Facilities :

Kshetra having Dharmashala (Gyan-Mati Nilay) containing 25 Deluxe flats, 25 Gen. Rooms, 2 Halls, Mess facility is available.

Reservation Facility, Residence Reservation is available on Phone No. 0532-2567067, 3205690.
Means of approach :
Busses, Taxies are available from Allahabad Bus Stand from 5 A.M to 8 P.M
Railway Station – Allahabad
Airport – Allahabad – Bamrauly Airport, 20 K.M. from city.
Nearby Places :
Banaras -110 KM
Ayoddhya 170 KM
Kaushambi (Prabhash Giri) 85 KM
In Allahabad,
Zero road Jain Mandir & Dharmshala 13 KM
Triveni Samgam 10 KM
Aanand Bhavan 10 KM


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      Prateek 27 September, 2016 at 14:11 Reply

      I was mtech student at IIIT, 2009-2011 batch. I usually visited Jain Temple in Chowk, Zero Road.
      For that you have to take IIIT Bus till subhash chowk, from there you can take rickshaw for chowk.

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