Shri Shantinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Serona.

Name :
Shri Shantinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Serona.
Is an Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Shantinath, Serona
Place – Serona, Post – Serona Kalan, Dist. – Lalitpur (U.P.)
Phone 05176-285630
Management committee :
Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Shantinath Prabandha Samiti
Place – Serona, Post – Serona Kalan, Dist. – Lalitpur (U.P.)
Phone 05176-285630
Chair Person :
Shri Heera Lal Khajuria
Saray Pura, Lalitpur (U.P.) Pin – 284403
Phone 272584
Secretary :
Shri Gulab Chand Jain
Place – Serona, Post – Serona Kalan, Dist. – Lalitpur (U.P.)
Phone 285630
Nearby City :
Lalitpur 18 km (By Road), 22 km (By Train)
Jakhora 12 km(By Road), 17 km (By Train)
Chanderi 27 km (By Road)
Talbehat 30 km (By Road), 35 km (By Train)
Rajghat 12 km (By Road)
About Seronaji :

Shri Seronaji Atishaya Kshetra is an ancient place a centre of Jain culture and art. Builder of so many Jain Temples at various places Shri Devpat Khevpat Panashah also built so many temples here in V.S. 964. The expansion of Kshetra and available broken fragments of Jain Temples & Idols shows that those temples were very much in numbers.
This Kshetra is surround by a rampart, first temple in this rampart has so many ancient idols and broken fragments. Second is the main temple with principal deity Bhagwan Shantinath, a standing colossus very attractive & magnificent.
Here so many idols have been found while working in fields. If digging takes place so many fragments of temples may be found here. So many idols of goddess are also found here, those are so much beautiful & artistic, and one can only found such type of idols at Deogarh & Khajuraho.
In third & fourth temples also so many ancient idols are installed.

Main Temple & Idol :

Second temple in the rampart is the main here having Bhagwan Shantinath as principal deity, a 18 feet high standing colossus, very beautiful & miraculous and idols of remaining 23 Teerthankars are also here. On the pylon of entrance gate 12 constellations are carved.

Temple Timings & Kind of:

Digamber – From 6 AM to 8 PM

Other Temple :

So many artistic & attractive idols of many Teerthankars, God & Goddess are found, which are worth being seen.

Natural Scenario :
The Kshetra is situated in the lap of nature. The river Khaidar flows near the Kshetra.
Annual Gatherings :
In April three days festival (Mela) every year, Anniversary of Tri Gajaratha Mahotsava
Facilities :

Shri Vidyasagar Bhavan 15 Normal Rooms, 5 Deluxe Rooms, Mess facility and all required items are available
Hall – 5 of size 30 feet X 20 feet
Hall – 2 of size 40 feet X 15 feet

Means of approach :
Road – Busses & Taxies are available from Lalitpur.
Nearby Places :
Shri Pavaji, Chaderi, Thuvonji, Deogarh

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