Shri Digambar Jain Teerth Rishbhanchal

Name :
Shri Digambar Jain Teerth Rishbhanchal
Is an Newly developed centre for practice of Yoga, Meditation, Non affection ness & to provide treatment to sufferers.
Address :
Shri Digamber Jain Teerth Rishbhanchal
Vardhamanpuram, Near Village Moratha, Delhi-Meeruth Road,
Ghaziabad (U.P.) Pin – 201001
Phone 0120-2788183, 2788428
Email –
Management Committee :
Maa Shri Kaushal Dhyan Yoga Kendra
Vardhamanpuram, Near Village Moratha, Delhi-Meeruth Road,
Ghaziabad (U.P.) Pin – 201001
Phone 0120-2788183, 2788428
Chair Person :
Shri Mahesh Kumar Jain
III B, 46-C, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad (U.P.) Pin – 201001
Phone 0120-2795902
Secretary :
Shri Jivendra Jain
K C-68/9, Kavinagar, Ghaziabad (U.P.)
Phone 0120-2724309, 2753912
Nearby City :
Ghaziabad 8 km
Delhi 25 km
About Rishbhanchal :

Shri Rishbhanchal Teerth is situated on Delhi-Meeruth highway at 8 km ahead from Ghaziabad on 10,000 Square Yards of area.

This Digamber Jain Teerth is established & developed being inspired by Poojya Maa Shri Kaushalji as a centre of practicing Yoga, irrespective of cast & faith.

Shri Rishbhanchal Teerth is named on the name of first Teerthankar Bhagwan Rishabh Deo. Foundation Stone of this Teerth was placed by the Chief Minister at that time and he declared the name of this local area ‘Vardhamanpuram’ on the name of last 24th Teerthankar Bhagwan Mahaveer (Vardhaman).

In this way the Rishbhanchal Teerth is the bearer of great tradition of Jain Teerthankaras and is trying to spread it all over the world.

At Rishbhanchal, a 4 and half feet high Padmasana idol of principal deity Bhagwan Rishabh Deo is installed in Garbhagriha on a beautiful shrine. After the installation of this idol this violent area is now enjoying peace & happiness. Snakes & Mongooses living together are often seen here.

Main Temple & Idol :

At Rishbhanchal Teerth a marvelous idol of principal deity Bhagwan Rishabh Deo, 4 and half feet high in Padmasana posture is being installed, the idol is very attractive imparting the message of non affection ness. Tree of Ashok, three umbrellas & whisks are designed on the back of idol in an artistic manner. This temple has an 81 feet high magnificent pinnacle with 52 Kalasha (a pot kept on the top of pinnacle). This sky high pinnacle is superb in art & architecture.

On the day 20th April 1997 the President of India Dr. Shri Shankar Dayalji Sharma decorated the top of pinnacle by his hands participating in function.

Temple Timings :
Digamber – 6 AM to 9 PM
Other Temple :

There are so many Jain temples in Ghaziabad city. The ancient Dig. Jain Mandir at Clock Tower & Shri Parshvanath Dig. Jain Mandir Kavinagar are important and worth being seen.

Annual Gatherings
May 26, every year – Rishabh Deo Prize Ceremony, at this occasion persons showing greater performance in various aspects of life are honored. Representatives and Ministers of State & Central Government are also invited at this function.
Facilities available on Phone No. 0120-2788183, 2788428
Facilities :

One room set – 8, Two room set – 16 (With all modern facilities), Halls – 2, Mess (Bhojanshala)

Means of approach :
Road: – All buses from Ghaziabad to Meeruth pass through Rishbhanchal.
Train: – At Ghaziabad Railway Station, Taxies or Auto available here for Ghaziabad Bus Stand and then by Bus to Rishbhanchal.
Airport: – Delhi – 35 km
Nearby Places :
Delhi, Hastinapur

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