Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Chamatkari Kshetra Todi Fatehpur

Name :
Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Chamatkari Kshetra Todi Fatehpur
Is Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Chamatkari Kshetra Todi Fatehpur
Place & Post – Todi Fatehpur, Taluka – Taharoli,
District – Jhansi (U. P.) Pin – 284206
Phone 05171-222616
Managing Committee :
Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Prabandha Karini Samiti
Place & Post – Todi Fatehpur, Taluka – Taharoli,
District – Jhansi (U. P.) Pin – 284206
Phone 05171-222616
Chair Person :
Shri Komal Chand Jain (Pitaji)
Place & Post – Todi Fatehpur, Taluka – Taharoli,
District – Jhansi (U. P.) Pin – 284206
Phone 05171-222616
Secretary :
Shri Pavan Kumar Jain
Place & Post – Todi Fatehpur, Taluka – Taharoli,
District – Jhansi (U. P.) Pin – 284206
Phone 05171-222616
Nearby City :
Mauranipur – 30 km
Jhansi – 96 km
Tikamgarh – 95 km
Chhatarpur – 95 km
Gursaray – 25 km
About Todi Fatehpur:

Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Chamatkari Kshetra Todi Fatehpur is situated in Jhansi District of U. P. (India). This miraculous place is a vast beautiful temple in village – Todi Fatehpur; the temple has sky-high magnificent pinnacles attracting the pilgrims from a far distance. This Kshetra is about 600-700 years old. The principal deity Bhagwan Parshvanath’s miraculous idol is installed in this temple. This temple is known as Bada (Big) Mandir (Temple).

It is said that once upon a time Dharnendra & Padmawati appeared in this temple and made their symbol on a rock. After that they both come in this temple every month in Krishna Paksha (Fortnight without moon) from 12th day to 2nd day of Shukla Paksha (Fortnight with moon). For 5 days a Samavsharan Sabha is organized here. These days they deliver the precept of Bhagwan Parshvanath (as they heard in their Samavsharan) before the audience present there. Dharnendra & Padmawati also give the direction to get rid of worldly problems & to fulfill the dreams & desires according to Jain tradition & religious acts. They also show the ways of following/adopting traditions/acts of forth era (Chaturth Kal) in this modern age of fifth era (Pancham Kal). In this Samavsharan Sabha, for visitors/pilgrims, it is necessary to put on holy clothes of Cotton (Khadi). Only the person unknown to this rule is allowed only for first time, at the second chance this is a compulsion to wear holy Khadi.

About Dharnendra & Padmawati: – At the time of Bhagwan Parshvanath, once he was going through a dance forest, Parshvanath saw an old saint busy in Panchagni Tapa. Fire sticks were burning around him & he was sitting in the middle of fire. Shri Parshvanath at once came to know due to his eternal power of knowledge (Awadhi Gyan) that a pair of snake was burning in fire. Being merciful for burning snake pair, he told about the fact to that old saint. But instead of saving the lives of snakes he get angry on Parshvanath and he denied for the presence of snakes in burning wood sticks. Then Parshvanath came ahead & they separated the particular burning stick from fire and show him burning snakes. Shri Parshvanath recited ‘Namokar Mahamantra’ to snakes, due to the effect of ‘Namokar Mahamantra’, snakes pair felt eternal peace and after death they became Dharnendra & Padmawati in heaven. When the Parshvanath attained ‘Keval Gyan’ & became god (Arihanta Parmeshthi), in the Samavsharan, Dharnendra & Padmawati came there for worship & prayers to show the gratitude and heard the precepts (Divya Dhwani) delivered by Bhagwan Parshvanath in Samavsharan.

Main Temple & Idol :

Main temple of this miraculous place is called Shri Parshvanath Digambar Jain Bada (Big) Mandir. This temple consists four beautiful ancient altars. In first altar Bhagwan Parshvanath’s attractive idol is installed, which is miraculous. In another three altars principal deity Bhagwan Adinath (Rishabha Dev) & Bhagwan Padmaprabh (6th Teerthankar) are installed respectively.

Temple Kind of & Timings :
Digambar : – Any time
Other Temples :
The second temple at this Kshetra is Shri Parshvanath Digambar Jain Temple, with only one altar. In this temple Bhagwan Parshvanath’s idol is installed as principal deity.
Natural Scenario :
Natural scenery is not visible here. But at a little distance river ‘Patrai’ flows near the village. A ‘Golden Kalash’ (Roundish pot) of 50 kg weight, in nearby fort, is the place of attraction for pilgrims. A well with 24 Ghats (Ghat – place for bathing on the bank of river, pond, well etc.). Motiwala Chaudhary’s Temple and five ponds existing here are worth being seen.
Annual Gatherings :
In every month from 12th day of Krishna Paksha to 2nd day of Shukla paksha, the Samavsharan Sabha is organized here. In this Sabha, the precept delivered by Bhagwan Parshvanath in his Samavsharan is heared by audience through Dharnendra & Padmawati and worldly worries and problems of pilgrims are also solved by them through religious acts according to Jain tradition & conduct.
Facilities :

There are 27 rooms with all necessary facilities available in 3 Dharmashalas here.

Means of approach :
Road: – Busses are available from Jhansi every time in the day.
Train: – Nearby Railway Station is ‘Mauranipur’ at 30 km distance. From there after 10-10 minutes Busses are available up to ‘Pandvaha’, from Pandvaha taxies & tongas are available each time for Todi Fatehpur.
Airport: – Jhansi – 100 km
Suggestions for Safe Traveling: Safe


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      Vishesh Jain 2 June, 2015 at 20:51 Reply

      Todi ji mein hum log jana chahte hai, per contact number nahi hai waha ka, please de do,
      Vishesh Jain, Rohtak. Mobile : +919215391999

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    Chakresh Jain 20 April, 2018 at 04:33 Reply

    We heard that this place is चमत्कारिक . Must visit if you have faith in God. Main idol of Lord Prashanth is magnificent. Like Tizara Vahlna Kashipur.

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    Abhay Dev Madvariya 18 July, 2019 at 07:01 Reply

    Really it is a chamtkari Kshetra. People’s problems solved by bhakti and following Jain life style.

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