Shri Digambar Jain Mandir & Kirti Stambha, ChittorGarh Fort

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Name :
Shri Digambar Jain Mandir & Kirti Stambha, ChittorGarh Fort
Is Historical Place
Address :
Shri ChittorGarh Durg Digambar Jain Mandir & Kirti Stambha
Place – ChittorGarh Durg (Fort)
District – ChittorGarh (Raj.)
Managing Committee :
Shri Digambar Jain Mandir Prabandha Samiti ChittorGarh Durg
Place – ChittorGarh Durg (Fort)
District – ChittorGarh (Raj.)
Secretary :
Shri Bhag Chand Ajmera
Nearby City :
ChittorGarh Station- 7 Kms(By Road)
Neemuch- 53 Kms (By Road) 53 Kms (By Train)
Udaipur- 117 Kms(By Road) 117 Kms (By Train)
About ChittorGarh

ChittorGarh is famous in the world for it’s glorious history. This is the place of Maharana Hammir, Maharana Sanga and Maharana Pratap who sacrificed their lives for defense of the freedom of their motherland with lacs of devoted warriors and also famous for Maharani Meera who was devotee of Lord Krishna.

This ChittorGarh is also famous for Kirti Stambha and ChandraPrabhu Jinalaya, a superb specimen of art and architecture, constructed by Shah Jija (Jeeja) and Poona of Bagherwal caste, after successful completion of pilgrimage of various Teerth Kshetras.

Kirti Stambha was constructed in the second half of 13th Century while Maharana Hammir was ruler of Mewar. Jeeja constructed the ChandraPrabhu Jinalaya and Kirti Stambha was constructed as ManStambha of that Temple. Later on ChandraPrabhu Jinalaya was called Bhagwan Mahaveer Temple. It may happen that in Mughal period idol of Bhagwan ChandraPrabhu was destroyed and later on Bhagwan Mahaveer’s idol was installed there as principal deity. This temple is highly artistic, shows the proficiency of artists and their dedication. Beautiful and attractive exquisite carvings of Jain Gods and Goddesses, Teerthankaras and other scenes of public life are present on the outer walls of the temple.

Kirti Stambha – This is a marvelous creation constructed as Manstambha of CandraPrabhu Jinalaya. Kirti Stambha is 75 ft. high with seven stories, its circular base at the bottom is 31 ft in diameter and remained 15 ft at the top. This seven storied building is a unique specimen of architectural art. Four standing Bhagwan Adinath’s (Rishabdeo’s) Digambar idols 5 ft in height are installed at the four corners of Kirti Stambha on it’s outer walls. Jain idols are carved everywhere, their ornaments are traditional, which were used in Hindu and Jain both architecture at that time. It’s beauty and architecture is far better that Vijay Stambha later on constructed by Maharana Kumbha. There are 69 stairs available to reach the platform of Kirti Stambha.

After the completion of construction, a Pratishtha Mahotsava (Reverence Ceremony) was organized under the headship of Bhattaraka Dharma Chandra. Bhattaraka Dharma Chandra was the great scholar of Jainism and Maharana Hammir was also impressed from him.

At the time of Maharana Fateh Singh, due to the fall of lightning umbrella at top of Kirti Stambha was broken and Kirti Stambha was also damaged. The great hearted Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur reconstructed the umbrella and Kirti Stambha was also repaired at his own expenses.

By various petrographs, this is proved that construction of Kirti Stambha and ChandraPrabhu Jinalaya was started by Jeeja the son of Nayak of Bagherwal caste and his son Poona (other names are Poorna Singh or Punya Singh) completed the work and reverenced. This is clear by these petrographs that Jeeja and his son heavily prosperous and possess high repute before the king.

Main Temple & Idol :

Kirti Stambha is a unique specimen of art as ManStambha, where Bhagwan Adinath’s 5 ft high standing attractive idols are installed in four directions.
Digambar Jain Mandir is also very artistic. At present the idol of Bhagwan Mallinath (19th Teerthankara) is installed here as principal deity, this idol was reverenced in V.S. 1352. Another ancient idol of V.S. 1665 Bhagwan Shantinath’s is also present here.
Tourists from all over the world come here to visit Kirti Stambha and Jain Mandir throughout the year.

Temple Kind of & Timings :
Digambar- From morning to evening
Other Temples :

ChittorGarh is the famous tourist place of India. In the fort specimens of ancient art and architecture are spread everywhere. The main agreeable places of fort are Suraj Pole, Bheem Kund, Padmini Mahal, Gomukh, Vijay Stambha, Kalika Mandir, Kumbha Mahal, Shyam Mandir. There is a museum also in the fort where ancient idols and items are placed for visitors, worth being seen.

Facilities :

Dharamshala – NA
There is a Dak Banglow in the fort and a well furnished Dharamshala is also available below the fort run by Sanvaria Trust.
Many Guest Houses and Hotels are available in ChittorGarh city.

Means of approach :
Bus – ChittorGarh is connected with all major cities of Rajasthan State and Neemuch,Indore, Ahmedabad etc by Bus Routes.
Train – ChittorGarh Station is situated on Delhi – Udaipur & Ajmer – Khandwa line a train is also available from Kota & Bundi.
Air – Udaipur -117 Kms
Nearby Places :
Atishya Kshetra Kesariyaji – Udaipur 184 KM
Bijoliyan – Parshwanath 105 KM

Suggestion for Safe Travelling: Safe

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