Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Drongiri.

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Name :
Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Drongiri.
Is an Siddha Kshetra (Place of Salvation).
Address :
Dig. Jain Siddha Kshetra Drongiri
Drongiri (Sendapa), Taluka – Bara Malhara,
District – Chhatarpur (M.P.) Pin 471311
Phone 07689 – 280972, 9425144006, 9754355296
Website – WWW.Drongiri.Com
Management committee :
Shri Drongiri Trust Management Committee
Drongiri (Sendapa), Taluka – Bara Malhara,
District – Chhatarpur (M.P.) Pin 471311
Phone 07689 – 280972, 07683-224712, 9425880545, 9826390688, 9826393692, 9424345025
Nearby City :
Bara Malhara 5 km, Ghuvara 20 km, Chhatarpur 51 km, Teekamgarh 92 km, Khajuraho 98 km
About DronGiri :

Siddha Kshetra Drongiri is an ancient Nirvan Kshetra (Place of Salvation) which is proved by ancient literature, ancient cave, ancient Jain temples & art of sculpture. Drongiri is described as Nirvan Kshetra of Shri Gurudatta & others so many ascetic saints, by Shri Pujyapad Swamy in Nirvan Bhakti, by Acharya Harishen in Brihat Katha Kosh and in Nirvan Kand. Pujya Shri Ganesh Prasadji Varni has called this place as “Laghu Sammed Shikhar” due to its peaceful natural beauty, clean & healthy environment appropriate for practice of austerity & for self development to achieve supernatural qualities and salvation.
The large ancient cave, from which Shri Gurudatta & others achieved Moksha (Salvation), was opted for meditation and penance by Charitra Chakravarti Acharya Shri Shanti Sagarji Maharaj in the year V. S. 1929 when he came here. In that night the lion came to his residence (the cave), while he saw the ascetic saint in meditation, he stayed there calmly without harming the Acharya and went to the jungle in the next morning. The event is described in the book “Charitra Chakravarti.
In the story of Gurudatta & other saints, the cave is said to be residence of lions. (Aradhana Katha Kosh)
On the hill, third temple is Shri Parsvanath temple with principal deity Lord Parsvanath, this idol in cross legged seating posture made of Black Stone very attractive and miraculous. Various desires of pilgrims come true here.

Main Temple & Idol :

The ancient cave on this Siddha Kshetra is big in size, so that a large group of saints may also stay here. A pair of foot image of Shri Gurudatta is installed in this cave. On this semi circular hill 28 beautiful temples with attractive spires are divided in three groups –
1. Suparsvanath Tonk (Tonk – Top of hill where a temple exists): – While we start pilgrimage of hill from left, first Tonk is Shri Suparsvanath Swami’s tonk, here are 7 beautiful temples are viewable.
2. Chandraprabhu Tonk: – This is front side of hill includes 10 temples, here’s first is Chandraprabhu Tonk.
3. Adinath Tonk: – Here are 11 temples, first of them is Adinath Temple. The famous ancient cave also lies in this area known as Nirvan Bhumi.

Other Temple :

There is Ganesh Prasad Varni Swadhyaya Mandir in the valley. Pilgrimage of hill starts from the left of it in the east and in the right side near this.
In temple No.24, there is a Manastambh (Column of Dignity) built in the period of Chandels is very important for archaeological point of viewers, it is 10 feet high & 4 feet in diameter, a circular construction having 96 idols on the top, each 3 inch in height and below them 3 sitting and 1 standing idol are also carved on it.
At this place, an ancient idol of Lord Adinath made of local stone is very artful & must be viewer on the plane rock of idol so many beautiful images and designs are carved, that makes it vary attractive.
So many temples are looking more than 1000 years old.
In temple No. 28 a collection is made of idols found any where in the nearby area under 30 Km.
In village Shri Adinath Jinalaya & Shri Shantinath Jinalaya & Choubeesee (24) Jinalaya (Temple) are viewable. The Choubeesee Jinalaya is very beautiful and vast in size which was completed in year 1977.
Shri Siddhayatan (a temple) & 20 Teerthankar Jinalaya built and managed by Shri Kund kund Kahan Dig. Jain Swadhyaya Mandir Trust are also here. Mobile No. 9425614224, 9753456868, 9424760859, 9754156849, 9630422899.

Natural Scenario :
This place lies in between the two ever flowing rivers named Chandrabhaga & Shyamaly, a very beautiful place with natural environment definitely pleasant to eyes..
Annual Gatherings
Annual Festival & Mela in the month of March with so many religious & cultural programs is organized every year.
Facilities :

Shri Dig. Jain Dharmshala contains 65 Normal Rooms, 19 Rooms with attached let-bath,  7 Luxury Rooms, Mess (Bhojanashala) and all required items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.
Acharya Shri Deonandi contains Hall of size 28’ X 110’
Shri Virag Sagar Dharmshala contains 1 Hall, 3 Rooms, Meeting Halls 2, and Rooms 7 are also there.
Shri Siddhayatan Jinalaya Dharmshala by Shri Kund kund Kahan Dig. Jain Swadhyaya Mandir Trust. Mobile No. 9425614224, 9753456868, 9424760859, 9754156849, 9630422899.

Reservation Facility
Available on Phone No. 07689 – 242712 and on Website – WWW.Drongiri.Com
Means of approach :
Road – Busses are available for Drongiri from Bara Malhara, Ghuvara & Teekamgarh any time.
Train – Nearby Railway stations are Lalitpur, Sagar, Satna, Jhansi, Damoh, From these stations busses are available.
Airport – Khajuraho 103 km
Nearby Places :
Siddha Kshetra
Aharji – 56 Km
Nainagiri (Reshandigiri) – 80 Km
Kundalpur – 144 Km
Atishaya Kshetra
Papouraji – 60 Km
Khajuraho – 103 km

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  1. Avatar
    kushal chand jain 3 March, 2015 at 14:45 Reply

    we visited this place on 23.2.2015. surprised when we found motor-able road right up to the hill top.
    very well maintained, neat and clean temples and surroundings.
    many thanks to the managing committee .
    kushal Jain Thane

  2. Avatar
    madhur 17 October, 2015 at 16:44 Reply

    Bahut badiya kshetra hai mitro, ek bar visit karke dekho, if any problem or need any support then my contact no. 8962284707 9074201482,
    Jay Jinendra
    Madhur Jain Ghuwara

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