Gratitude is a unique portal, which provides the detailed information about our pious Teerth Kshetras spread all over India. This was not an easy job for us to develop this project successfully without cooperation, support & guidance of our teachers, counselors, well-wishers & our friends.

We pay our gratitude first to late Shri Babu Gyan Chandji & Poojya Babu Jugal Kishorji Jain (The great scholar & thinker of Jainism), who taught us and gave the right knowledge of basic fundamentals & principles of Jainism and thus strengthened empowered our belief in Jainism. Sacraments developed by them only inspired us to start & develop this unique ambitious portal.

We pay our gratitude to Poojya Babu Jugal Kishorji Jain ‘Yugal’ for his support without his blessings & cooperation; we were not able to start the project. His son Shri Chinmaya Jain has a significant ole in designing the draft of this website, he made available the list of pilgrimage centers with addresses for us. Mr. Chinmaya Jain & Mr. Ajeya Jain C.A. helped us in designing the format of questionnaire, which helped us a lot in getting the right & full information about Teerth Kshetras. We are highly thankful to Shri Chinmaya & Ajeya Jain.

Our friend Pandit Raj Kumar Jain Shastri (at present working at Banswara Raj.) and Chinmaya Jain made enough efforts to motivate the managers of various Teerth Kshetras to send the details as per our questionnaire with latest photographs and booklets of Kshetras. We pay our regards & thanks to Shri Raj Kumar Shastri for their valuable cooperation.

Cooperation and support by Dr. Rajendra Kumar Jain (Chest Specialist) in this regard, is unforgettable. Dr. R. K. Jain has pilgrimaged maximum of Teerths in his life, so he has a detailed knowledge of Kshetras, their routs and facilities available there regarding pilgrimage. He has made available all the information for us, as we required. He even personally contacted the relevant personalities during pilgrimage to give their cooperation for this website. We pay our heartiest regards & thanks to Mr. R. K. Jain for their support.

We are also thankful to the managers of all Teerth Kshetras available on our site for their cooperation. They gave us the full information with photos of Kshetras sparing their valuable time for us.

We pay our heartiest gratitude towards our elders of the family (Jain Ayurvedic Store Family of Kota, Raj.) who encouraged us for this project giving full moral & financial support whenever we need.

We are also thankful to many other persons who encouraged us regarding this project, made available the details of various Teerth Kshetras and promised their support whenever we need.

We are also thankful to the visitors of this website www.JainTeerth.Com, they gave their valuable time suggestions and showed their keen interest in this project, their interest encouraged us to develop this site in more effective & attractive manner.

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    Tapasya Jain 26 November, 2019 at 18:58 Reply

    I heard there is a mahila ashram in Madiya jabulpur, MP. How can I contact them. is there a phone no or email? pl advise…
    Jai jeenard .

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