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Do’s and Don’ts During Pilgrimage

Now a day due to availability of fast traveling and communication facilities traveling up to far distance places and Teerth Kshetras is becoming easier, requires least money labor & time. So the facilities and number of pilgrims is growing speedily on Teerth Kshetras. But due to glamour of modernity and lack of religious traditions and sacraments, danger to sacredness of pilgrimage centers or Teerth Kshetras is also growing faster; sacredness of Teerth Kshetras is diminishing. This is the only reason that the benefits of pilgrimage are not seen at these days like earlier past, neither in thoughts of a man nor in conduct.

To maintain the sacredness and grace of Teerth Kshetras, to achieve the real benefits of
pilgrimage in the form of spiritual peace and pleasure in life, thoughtful directions & guidance are provided in Jain Texts. Some main points are given bellow, which may be helpful to make pilgrimage comfortable and fruitful: –


Pilgrimage must be organized in group with friends / relatives rather than alone, thus loneliness is not felt and time is consumed in religious talks, prayers and studies easily.


After finalizing about pilgrimage, one should try to remove his mind from worldly worries and mind must be engaged in religious & spiritual activities and at time of departure worries & affections towards home & business must be left at home.


Goods during traveling should be minimized but essential items must not be left. Cloths and other items, beddings & blankets etc. must be taken according to the climate of Teerth Kshetras and duration of pilgrimage.
Costly ornaments & cloths must not be taken during pilgrimage. One may take Travelers Cheque, Debit & Credit Card or ATM Card instead of Cash; it will be safe against theft etc.


Teerth Kshetras are sacred places; the sacredness of these places must be maintained in external and internal both ways. One should not engage his mind in worldly affairs and entertainments and cleanliness must be maintained.
During traveling, pilgrimage at Teerth Kshetras, while going up on holy hills or coming down one must not sing filmy songs, instead of it spiritual discussions may be done, religious prayers & poems (Poojas & Stotras) must be used to sing.
One should always remember, aim of pilgrimage is not entertainment, but it is for self-development (spiritual).


Important – During monthly course, ladies must never go in temples, religious assemblies etc. Many times it causes severe troubles and inconveniences especially at pilgrimage centers.


During pilgrimage one must never have leather & other impious (unholy) goods with him.


While going to visit Teerth Kshetra, one must wear washed clean cloths (better if cotton) and with essential items for worship (Poojan Samagri – Ashta Dravya). Poojan Samagri must be surrendered at proper place before reverenced idols with full devotion and care.


In Jainism, Gods are affectionless. They attain godhood by leaving affection towards world, body and worldly enjoyments, by over coming affection & aversion. Therefore one should not desire from them about worldly matters. The aims of pilgrimage are to remember the properties (Qualities) of God, prayers & worship and try to follow the path, which they accepted to get free from wheel of world.
Devotions & worships without desire keep all the troubles ahead, while worship with desire makes ‘Mithyatva’ strong. Mithyatva is the main reason of world & worldly troubles.
The great poet ‘Dhananjaya’ in ‘Vishaphar Stotra’ says, “O Lord! I do not desire any blessings from you after prayer. What I desire, you are affectionless and why I desire? Any wise man do not demand shadow from a shadowy tree that is available without demand. In the same way, why should I demand, after going in your shelter, all the demands are automatically fulfilled there.”


At all Teerth Kshetras donation is a must according the need of Kshetras and one’s capacity. This is helpful to maintain and develop the Teerth Kshetras. One should help in development of religious and social activities organized there after getting their knowledge.


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